Does She Like Me, or Want Me At All? A Real Predicament?

So I met this girl a few months ago at work. And I'll admit, I like her. She likes a lot of things that I do. She's funny and just really great to be around. I mean, she's certainly physically attractive, but personality-wise, she's a genuine cut above the rest. Even those girls who I would consider to have a great personality...

So we bacame fairly good friends, and always had good convos in person and whatnot. Well not long ago, we both took a week off and just so happened to be going to places that were just a couple hours from each other. We were both surprised to hear that, and she stressed that we should hang out together. And three times over that week. So it seemed like she really wanted to. And tbh, I did have more access to travel at that point than she did, so the ball was kind of in my court, I'll put it that way. And obviously it would have been just the two of us. But here's the kicker. She has a boyfriend. But not just any guy she's been dating for a week. She's been with him for... Quite a while. And until I found this out... Hell, even after, she basically will NOT talk about him to me, despite being open about her relationship to others if he comes up. Why would she never mention him to me? In 2-3 months, don't you think "My boyfriend this, or my boyfriend that" would have come up at some point. It took a while to even know she was in a relationship because I wasn't going to persue her anyway. And tbh, I don't even want to now because of him, because... I'm just not the type to do that.

I can't fit it all here... I'll post the rest as a comment. Bear with me?
And in the last week, she's again, stressed hanging out. Obviously just the two of us. And she has continued to absolutely never talk about her boyfriend. She doesn't use me, I'm not her "b****" like some guys in the friendzone end up being. We just talk all the time, enjoy some good laughs, and that's about it. So to me, that spells out "Friend".
But her never mentioning her boyfriend still throws me for a loop. I asked about him one time after I found out, and it was quick, and he was no longer the topic. So how does she act around me? Well, she always laughs at my terrible jokes, and has never been unfriendly on any occasion. We talk more than any of us talk to anyone else there. Sometimes she'll give me a light punch in the arm if I do something better than her, or if I get undue praise (that she probably deserved admittedly haha).


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  • She is using u?

    • Eh... tjhere was more to the question, but it's already a novel... Hmm... Are you kind of speculating, or telling me directly? I don't understand why you have a question mark after your answer...

      Also... Using me how? Just to have someone to talk to? I mean, I never really help her with anything, and she never even asks for anything, or whatever...

      So what do you mean by "using" me? Hopefully you get this... Thanks! :)

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