How to make a move on that girl?

I have class with this girl once a week and I think that she likes me, she is always smiling to all my stupid jokes, she comes really close to me when we are talking, a lot of eye contact, she touches my legs, arms, shoulder while she laughs when I say something funny.
She said that we should study together sometime (at college), i'm not even inteligent to explain something to her, but I agreed and tomorrow we gonna study.
Should I make a move on her?
How should I do that?


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  • Well, use your so called "lack of intelligence" to your advantage. She's clearly been the initiator so far, so now is a good time for you to reciprocate. Admit to her that you don't fully understand the homework, but truthfully agreed to come because you wanted some alone time with her. That straight forward approach is tasteful and tactful. Judging my her demeanor, she'll take it from there and it'll just be up to you to bounce the ball back in between the court.

  • she's already making all the moves you're just the recipient. So just continue accepting them. because she literally throwing herself at you lol just accept it.


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