Texting: What should I do next?

Background: Been talking since Wednesday from a dating site, said she's deleting the dating site to text her, texting since Saturday, haven't gone on a date yet, she's 21.

So I texted a girl last night (Sunday) asking how her day was going. She said good, but she's at work.
I asked if she was free to talk after work (to talk for about 10-15 get more comfortable with each other and ask her to out for coffee or something this week) and she said 'haha yeah, but I'm going to eat right now and don't know when we will be done' and I said 'no worries you know I'm always up late, and if not there's always another night (which I shouldve stopped there but I also said) or we can meet up for coffee this week.

She didn't reply. I know it was late and she was with friends for dinner, so she didn't wanna text while out, she could have forgot to reply, or she could not want to talk. But if she didn't want to talk she wouldn't respond to begin with or give me her number. I know that wasn't the best text to send. Let me know what you think.

What should I do next?
Also I don't think I mentioned that she stays up till 5-6 am every night. Tha's why I felt okay with texting and talking so late.


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  • If you don't meet this week then stop talking to her


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