Girls would you mind a shy guy who speaks in short phrases most of the time? Like 5-8 words not sure if this is consider autistic?

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  • First of all using very few words doesn't mean autistic.

    Of course I wouldn't mind him but don't think I could be in a relationship with such a guy.
    I'm a pretty quiet girl so I like guys who like to talk.

    • Ofcourse he can talk a lot but the problem is its lind of hard for him to form 20 long words in his mind. I think its called inarticulate thought process.

    • @carlina2 would you marry me baby 💍

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  • Talk to them.

    • To you? 👄

    • I mean, talk to the girls. A person who talks less then 5 pharses doesn't mean anything. They are shy or nervous around girls.

    • Why couldnt i talk to you ;3

  • I don't mind it.


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