Boyfriends 24th birthday ideas?

My boyfriends bday is coming up. I'm already planning to get some lingerie and I bought some other things to spice up the night. Just need to figure out the real deal. I was thinking of planning a weekend Vegas trip with some of his friends or something Else. I thought of a romantic weekend but that would be more for the both of us and it's his birthday so any ideas? What would be the perfect birthday?


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  • Some homemade coupons good for various sex acts he really likes and some wildcards, i. e. he sex acts of his choice. Can you deal with it? What if he wants to spank your bare bottom?

    • That's a great idea. Only thing is I honestly let him do whatever and we already have a pretty hot and heavy sex life so I don't know how special that would be to him

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    • Okay! Good idea! I'm 5'6 though 😳

    • Who cares? When he bends you over, it won't matter. Nor when he puts you on your knees. If you lean into the heels, it makes your booty look amazing. Careful though: he might want to spear that thing. Then what are you going to do?

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  • That would be a wild trip to Vegas , just watch what you spend and don't get roped into it. At least you will have your own room after to play a cocktail waitress later on with you lingerie on underneath

    • We live in so cal so I've been there a good amount but I'm not sure if it's special enough. Since he's done it before

    • Well Disneyland is probably still pretty fun to do even at your ages. How about a week end cruise to no where in the ocean, that's pretty fun too

    • Disneyland is a good option! Thanks!

      We just got home a few days ago from a 9 day trip

  • buy him a Mercedes G63 AMG

  • Let him sleep with one of your friends?

    • No... just no... Luckily he would never even want to

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