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Work and education wise, I'm on track. Relationship department, not so much. I'm a bigger girl and most of the time the only time guys want anything to do with me is if they're bored or want sex. They'd never want a relationship with me. I don't put out, and they just trash me. It's hurtful when I'm at work and I see all these couples shopping together, and a lot of my friends are either pregnant or engaged. I want someone to love, not out of desperation, but because I want to know what it's like. Guys always trash me for a skinnier chick, it never fails. I'm as sweet, Loyal and as giving as I could be, but I get so taken for granted of. What should I do to put myself in a better light and not be so depressed about my lack of love?


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  • Dont worry I see the samethng my friends getting married n stuff. I sometimes feel no guy will ever like me when I am a hard working person that studys. But Anyways dont ever feel like u just need to sleep wit someone to feel loved. The right guy will come at the right time when u least expect it. Just be patient and keep being an awesome person do ur best and succeed. All those guys r superficial jerks. ☺


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