Dating guys that aren't "obviously" attractive?

so im on this dating app, and within less then 2 days i have gotten almost 200 "likes" from different guys.. which is kinda crazy. I think i have liked only 5 guys back or something..

And i can't shake off the feeling that i might be a bit too picky or hav to high expectations.. There is this guy i have considered liking, he had already liked me, but he's not "obviously" attractive, he's not unattractive at all, he just an average guy i guess.

Is there any point of liking him and maybe even go on a date with him, i mean since I dont find him "obviously" attractive... I feel like if i got to know him and i liked him a lot i would be very attracted to him.. And i know a lot of guys are bad at taking pics of themself..

So whats your view on this? should i give him a chance or should i just let it go? im not a beauty queen myself, so i should "expect" him to be gergous either


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  • well just think about it... your entire decision making factor is based on one thing and one thing only, a person's physical appeal, how attractive they are.

    now with that only factor in mind, why does it even matter then, just let it go until you find the stud you match with. but of course the obvious question must be begged, you are potentially ditching a ton of "great guys" who have much potential to offer because of the one decision making factor you put all your eggs in.

    this is why I fucking don't use Tinder.

    • im not on tinder, but its the same thing i guess... At the end of the day i want a guy that treats me right etc, and looks aren't everything, i know that, but somtimes my vagina says yes to people i mayeb shouldn't be saying yes to lol

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    • yeah... i think i missed out on a great guy because i was expecting chemistry of the bat, and i was way to focus on things that werent important etc.. so im trying to change.. i just want to be loved to be honest

    • well lucky for you there is always another guy and you always have another shot at this. just don't let history repeat itself and you'll be okay :)

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  • I think you should give him a chance... Most guys i know look ten times better in real life compared to their photos...


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  • If you don't like him, don't go out with him; you'll just waste his time.

    • i dont know if i like im or not, but i know looks aren't everything, and just because the guys is smking hot doesn't mean i won't like him when i get to know him

  • might as well give him a shot. it´s hard to find "normal" people on there... so maybe you got a winner there.

    • maybe... the one date i actually got from a dating app was with a really great guy, but it didn't really work out because im was emtionally not mature enough and i had problems looking past unimportant and small factors

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    • i think if you can, just try to focus on how they are not what they look like.

    • im going to try...

  • give them a chance

    • im considering it a lot

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