How do I deal with shy girls😑?

Well I had the courage to go up to this girl in my school and she had a lot of little smiles and laughed a little bit while we talked and when she would make a really big smile she would kinda shy behind her book bag. i got her kik but it felt more awkward on text because I kinda had to push the convo while she didn't really ask anything about me most of the time others girls ask about me I'm not use to shy girls sorry. But then I went to school today and I talked to her before and after lunch and said you don't talk much do you and she said no but we kept talking and then after lunch I walked her to her class i gave her a handshake I don't know I was being dumb then I left I just don't know if she wants me to leave her alone or is there something there. But I did notice she is always turning around in band class and doesn't necessarily look at me but looks in my direction should I just move on or?


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  • hit on them hard dont show mercy


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