Am I Overthinking Things?

I've been talking to this guy on Snapchat for, give or take, a year. Early on we both knew we liked each other, but never pursued anything more than messaging each other because we live a good 7 hours away from one another. He told me that he would love to one day meet me in person, and that he wants to save a spot in his life for me, and that he can't say he loved me yet because that was a term he couldn't just throw around. About two months or so ago, he admitted to me he could finally say he loved me, and after a while (to be sure I felt the same) I said it back, and we've decided to basically be together despite the long distance. We talked on the phone for the first time about two weeks ago and I could hear in his voice how excited he was to talk to me, and in a way it made us so much closer. He told me he'd been saving up and that he wanted to get a car, then come see me and take me back with him, or maybe move where I am. Skip forward to this weekend, I haven't heard much from him. He said he's been sick and sleeping, and I know he has some periods of time where he doesn't reply to people's messages because he needs some time to himself and feels depressed, but I can't help but think, "is he getting tired of me?"

He says he isn't and tells me not to think like that, and that he's still planning to see me soon. I just can't stop thinking that, and everyone is telling my I'm psyching myself out or overthinking.
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  • You really are.


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