Guys, do attractive guys like heavier women?

I live in a small town and all throughout highschool I was called fat and ugly. But now I'm in college and guys are actually being nice to me. I don't know if they are just being a decent human, or if they are flirting. I've never really had attention so I wouldn't know.


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  • Absolutely not. Give me a slender, even petite gal anyday. I take care of my body; exercise, avoid all junk foods, no drugs or cigarettes, etc. There is no way I will live with someone who is destroying their inner and outer body by what they put in their mouth while sitting on their ass.

    There are some guys who will date a heavy woman. Most prefer one that is attractive both inside and out.

    Staying fit is not easy as it requires some effort. It is worth it! :0)


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