Girls, is this too bold?

So there's this very attractive girl in one of my college courses, we just had the first day so she's knows me just from class introduction basically and I'm very intersted in her, and I don't want this to be 'oh you don't know her yet' true I don't but the first step to attraction is looks and that's a must, if she turns out to be a bitch I'll call it off, but I'm hoping she's not. Anyway I can't stand how around the point some people are about this and want to know, girls, if a guy you hardly knew said this to you, what would you do?;

"hey sorry for being straightforward, but I think you're very beautiful and was wondering if I could get to know you better or get your phone number?"

basically something to that affect I'd like to know if it would creep you out, even if you weren't attracted to the guy and said no would it make you think less of him? Or be weirded out?
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Just curious if it'd be seen as too strange or make someone uncomfortable (moreso than the usual asking someone out anyway)


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  • You will do fine. Just ask her out.

    • It's funny, I skydive without much trouble yet girls still scare the hell outta me haha

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    • Okay so now I'm confused, I would prefer just to straight up ask her out after class, say what I said in the original post and get it over with, is it okay to be the straight up with a stranger basically or is it too over the top? Haha that's my main question, is just asking someone out out of the blue too bold for today's society

    • Yes talk to her staight up

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  • mmm, become her friend first. Relationships tend to be stronger in the long term if you have a foundation built up on it.

    Plus, it will give you time to see if you REALLY like her enough for a relationship.

    • Look you're acting like I'm proposing to her, I'm showing her that I have the baseline physical attraction and I just want to get to know her more first, this isn't like it's some grand romantic gesture and this way if she doesn't return attraction to begin with I won't waste my time.

      So out of curiosity you would be put off by a guy who told you that you looked incredible and wanted your number to get know more? (Provided he put it respectfully of course) point is I'm going to show a girl I have the much needed physical attraction first that way it doesn't turn into some crap where I'm another friend to tell her problems with her crush who's a prick. It happens quite a bit.

  • insted of hitting on her looks say you might be a awesome study buddy, or just something else more personal like you think something she's wearing is cool... dont just genralize.. or make it seem like its not just her looks maybe? thatd annoy me and make me happy but annoyed that you are intrested because of my looks. good luck its awesome to be bold :)

    • I'm being respectful about it, and there really isn't much else to go off since we don't know each other

    • then have fun thats cool :)

    • You may have misunderstood, I'll still go with what I said about her looking great and for a chance to get to know her, but I'm just calling her beautiful not being some huge flirt. We know nothing about each other. This will break the ice so she knows my intent at least

  • I would not be comfortable if you did this to me.
    I appreciate the effort. But sometimes approaching that point is exciting too. And when you try to reach her; that is another effort which deserves another appreciation.
    Yes you do not know her and it is mystery. So give yourself and her little time. Be a friend. A really friend. See if you like her as a friend at first.
    You are coming so strong. You are drawing the lines so fast. 'Look you are so beautiful. You should be my gf?'
    This does not make any sense.

    • Okay for about the 4 th time, yes I'm saying she's beautiful so she knows that I'm interested as more than friends, however I'm just asking her to hang out or for a phone number TO get to know her more, I don't know where you went to college but at mine people don't talk, you don't just chat and at this guys huge class room it wouldn't be possible, if she's timid about it like you then I guess it won't work, but to me (and the majority of other girls it seems) approaching with honesty so when we talk and get to know each other she knows there is an interest makes plenty of sense, if she agrees to hang out we do it a few times and see if we get along and if it would work, but I'd know I at least passed her physical looks test like she did mine, on the flip of this if she's not attracted to me in that way then I wouldn't waste time 'being friends' just to be crushed..

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    • This effort, just because you were too timid to think someone as bad (which is why I was up in arms because you make it sound as it's not as valid as slow progress) and I do believe it's wasted time for me to invest in a girl I have an interst in, hours and feelings etc, then her just say 'let's be friends' that's wasted time to me, because if I'm veey attraxted and interested to the point of wanting to be with someone I can't just be friends who talk a lot etc. It's just a bone in a dogs face in that case. So don't open you're mouth about me not making effort or not taking time to set things up, by telling her she's beautiful she knows I have an attraction to her and that if we do get along when hanging out (NOT straight up dating like you think in the beginning) I'd like more than just to be friends. Nothing wrong with that and seems as though most girks can have the guts to handle a bold guy according to the poll haha

    • This is*

  • Don't do that. Ask her to be in a study group and get to know her and ask her out that way.

    • Can I ask to why not do that, truth be told no one really at my college does study group and honestly waaayyyy too many guys try jumping through hoops for nothing. I don't have time for a study group and live away from the town my college is in so any chance of me being able to work that in would be hopeless

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    • Talk to her more, get to know her, hang out with her.

    • That is why I'm approaching her in the first place, yeah I'll tell her she's beautiful because quite honestly at least she'll know a possible intention then. This isn't some quick hook up deal, I'm just basically showing I'm defintely interestec and even saying I'd like the chance to hang out or talk

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