If a guy lets you hug him when you are being drunk and stupid. Does he like you?

Its a long story, but this guy was pissed at me, I apologised while drunk and then he let me hug him. He hugged back with one arm resting on my lower back. Am I OK, or was he just being nice?

Guys would you hug back a girl you have no feelings for? (We haven't dated and haven't slept with each other)


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  • I'd do it back even if I didn't like them romantically or even as a friend. Girls can lose their shit if you don't give them what they want when they want when they're drunk and I just don't want to deal with that.


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  • yeah i would. i don´t want it for her to be awkward. also hugging is a friendly thing to me. i also do hugg girls i like though xD. you can´t know from a hug.


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