If you were dating someone you really loved, but they got injured and could not walk normal for a year, would you stay with them?

Or would you have to break the relationship because you could not share as many experiences as before?
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  • Lol for a year? Pft.


    Of course I'd stay with him.

    My boyfriend injured himself and it'll be a year since then on the 5th. He's not going to be able to walk the same. He's got 98% functionality so it's hardly noticeable now but for a while there he was in therapy and seeing doctors and it was just a whole bundle of fun (sarcasm).

    Doctors say he shouldn't run again. And I'm still here. A year is nothing. Only a fool will leave over that.


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  • I would stay by them.

  • The only way I'd leave someone is if their face got disfigured. Otherwise any other injury I could handle. I had a crush on a guy in a wheel chair in High School.


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