Guys, what's Your idea of an 'IDEAL' woman?


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  • This is my opinion and I am not very superficial when it comes to women but my 'IDEAL' woman is my girlfriend. She makes me smile, she is funny, she has a great fashion sense and she is confident. Some my friends have told me I could do better, she isn't pretty and other things but in my eyes her smile is everything to me and all these friends that told me these things werent there for me when i needed them and she was but this "not pretty" girl is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen


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  • I mean, it's different for me, and I think it'll change in my later years considering I am only 16 now. I don't have much experience and don't really know what I want exactly, but if I had to pick, I'd probably go with, nice face, body doesn't really matter, just not too big... Personality... humorous/sense of humor, can be very smiley or cold looking if that makes sense, sense of self-pride (For example, I wouldn't want her to say she likes what I like to make me like her), and a girl that has a passion.


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