Is it pathetic to ask a guy to hang out both the first and second time? How long to wait in between?

I would never normally be the one to ask every time... but I know this guy and he's not going to ask on his own. We've gone through this before, and if I don't initiate he just fades away. We have a great time together, and once I ask to hang out he totally runs with it and will arrange a time/place. etc.

Am I wasting my time? Being too desperate? Any suggestions?


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  • Why do you think you're wasting time or being desperate?

    • Because to my thinking if he wanted to see me he'd ask. I've made it obvious I like him and want to spend time with him, so maybe he's just not interested?

    • If it's not desperate for him to do it it's not desperate for you to do it. He might just be a shy person.

    • Good point, it wouldn't be weird for him to do the asking twice. I just know he's not shy and he doesn't have trouble with girls, so he's making me question myself and his interest. He's a pretty nice guy, so I'm just nervous I'm going to keep asking and he's going to always be nice and say yes.

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