A girl that wants to be with you, but not after she's over her ex?

This girl i like keeps telling me that she wants me to be with her, and we kiss, and spend the night together. She refuses to have sex with me. She said that we aren't together. Were just hanging out, and she doesn't want to jump into another relationship so quick. Whats this mean?


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  • Wow, a nice example of having your cake and eating it too.

    She's doing just enough to keep you there - hugging, kissing, telling her friends, etc. which also denies you to any other girl.

    It's awful feeling emotionally vulnerable when you split up with someone and there are no more hugs, kisses, feeling special to someone, sharing things with that certain someone.

    Personally I am not sure that people will wait when something is right - if you truly feel it, you truly feel it. Sometimes you have to break eggs to make an omelette. In my mind she's using you to help bridge the gap between the past and the future because deep down she's not sure what she wants. Will the ex come back or will I have to move on and at least there is someone there. I am not saying she doesn't care about you or give a damn about your feelings but she's using you in my opinion.

    • she's gone back to the ex and apparently it is the end now. I was a past boyfriend that didn't work because of that said ex. Now im back because she "missed" me and realized what she lost and needs again. But she's not labeling me as her boyfriend yet because she wants to do this "Right" this time. She says.

    • So she's criss crossing between the two of you? It sounds fishy to me. If I can't have the ex, then at least I can have you. It's convenient how she's realised what she's missed and what she needs again. And as for doing it right, there wouldn't be any hugging and kissing and staying over and stuff like that. She's skipped several rounds of the dating pre-game.

    • But isn't that how relationships work anyways? The ex doesn't work out, so they start new.

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  • That you're the rebound and that she's just using you until she gets over him, because she doesn't want to feel lonely and truly single again. Once she's completely over him she will most likely "dump" you and find someone completely new. She's stringing you along. You should stop seeing her, for your own good. And for her good too, she needs to realize how wrong it is to use people and that she should grow up, feeling lonely is a part of breaking up with someone and it's not something you should be scared of.

  • It means she's using you for company until someone better comes along

    • But we hang out every day. We kiss, we hug, we spend the night together, but she doesn't want to label us as girlfriend and boyfriend yet. Her parents know about us, and she shows her friends.

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    • What if we dated in the past and i WAS her boyfriend?

    • Doesn't change anything

  • She needs time to get over her ex.


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