Been talking to this girl for 2 weeks and it was going great, once she saw me she didn't want to talk to me. how am I not supposed to feel like shit?

basicly, we started talking on a site where most people dont post pics. i really felt we had a connection, she said so too. she kept saying, im really not that pretty and i said 'at this point it really doesn't matter, i already like you a lot, looks wouldn't change my opinion' (i really ment it!!) and she said she felt the same way. all this time, she kept telling me how much she enjoyd talking to me, that it was strange she was feeling like this so soon, all the nice stuff.. then we exchanged numbers and pics and she was like 'yeah, it really wasn't what i was imagining. well going to sleep now' and didn't text me back. 5 mins ago she said that she could talk to me all night, because she was enjoying it so much.
seriously, how should i not feel like the biggest peace of shit? i am nice as long as people dont see me? should i walk around with a paper bag covering my face?
I don't know, i guess i really wanted to get this out, im just really disapointed

sorry for the rant
biggest piece of shit*
sorry, English isn't my first language
anybody else has something to say?


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  • Then clear up things with her and tell her how you feel

    • would there be a point? she clearly doesn't care for me anymore, so would she really care how i feel?

    • Then, you have to move on , and let time heal your wounds

    • yeah i guess... thanks for your opinion!

  • Yeah that happens to a lot of people...

    • oh, as long as it is happening to others, im all good haha

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