Is it the norm to get married after college?

I feel like for most it isn't. I know a lot of attractive women that make good money already at 22-24 years old and are single just enjoying their new life with a career. I think that's more of the norm than anything. I personally want to get settled into my career a year or two before I consider it.


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  • Nowadays everyone is getting married later and later. Very few people get married in their early 20's

    • Are you married? If not do you feel pressure to do so?

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    • I'll probably be in your situation when I'm 28 just having a long term relationship. How long have you been dating?

    • A little over 3 years

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  • you'll know when your ready to get married. There are no set rules im 28 i own a house a farm work in a truck shop just waiting to find the right woman to marry thats all it is just waiting to find the right woman. you'll know when the time is right.


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  • Depends on the girls. Find someone who is willing tobsettlr down with you, and everything with be fine.


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