Question about giving head and hand?

so I've only done both once and i was so completely uncomfortable. i had no clue what i was doing and i was so embarassed. im worried that when i have a boyfriend he will be disappointed in my performance. what do i do?


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  • Well I can't give you any pointers except this one. Communication is key. Ask your boyfriend while foreplay is on if what you are doing feels good and if he wants you to do anything different. But honestly a blow job is a blow job, he will enjoy it nonetheless.

    • i find that hand jobs are difficult cuz theyre tiring

    • Well then switch it up between blow and hand jobs, use your boobs too!

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  • First time is always weird don't worry
    Just remember to keep it wet, don't go all slow and sensual, go fast up and down his whole length (or as much of it as you can)
    The head is the most sensitive part (basically like a guys clit) swirl your tongue around it, press your tongue into it gently, wiggle your tongue back and forth as you go up and down, hold whatever you can't get in your mouth in your hand to steady it. Curl your lips over your teeth so you don't knick him.
    The more you do it the more natural it will become. And ask if you don't know what to do, any guy would be glad to tell you what he wants and likes! dont worry about deepthroating (a lot of girls can't do it) and tell him to tell you when he's going to finish. It's ok if he doesn't, you can just use bjs as foreplay to get him wet before having sex (if you're having sex)
    To get him to cum it has to be continuous and fast up and down bobbing. If you don't want it in your mouth just tell him before hand and have towels or tissues ready


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  • Every guy is different. Always ask your partner how he likes it and ask a lot of questions. You have every right to tell him how and where to lick you

    • would you be patient if she told you she was really new to this

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    • im definetly not affraid to talk about it. im 24 and sex at this age is less about saying youve done it, and more about the experience

    • This sounds so elementary but the longer your with a partner the more experienced you both will be with each others bodies

  • Honestly just act like you enjoy giving it and go with what he likes. Feel free to message if you need specifics


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