Does he have interest or?

So this guy I have in class , I just meet him about 2 weeks ago. I think he's cute. But I don't make moves fast. Anyways he would poke at me in a flirty way.. I would catch him looking at me lol. Well we're seniors in high school and he got my number from a friend. i didn't know. He randomly added me on snapchat, and then called me up around 7:30 and just talked to me about what I was doing. He then started saying when are we going to hangout.. He wants to hangout tomorrow.. He's a stud. Football star and everything. He lacks Some common sense though but it makes him cute lol. My question is, does it seem like he has interest in me? He doesn't seem like a big flirt.. And from what I hear he is not. How should I go about this? To see if it's something genuine.. Like he had the guts to call me without ME being the one to give him my number.. Lol


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  • It certainly sounds like he's very interested. He wouldn't have gone through all that trouble to get your number and contact you if he was not. I would just talk to him about it, be honest with what you're thinking. I'm sure he has feelings for you just muster up the courage to ask.


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