Is she actually interested or just playing with me?

I've been talking to this girl for a little over three months. She told me from the very start that she wanted to take things slowly and that she didn't want to date right now. She has a full time job and has a side business that she has to maintain. So needless to say I rarely see her. By rarely I mean maybe once or twice a week for maybe an hour. I feel like I have to beg to see her, and when I do ask her to do something, she always has an excuse. When we do hang out it feels so right. We kiss, cuddle, she tells me how much she likes me. It really feels like she does. She'll text me and call me handsome, tell me I'm her favorite person. She makes little comments that give me hope like you're the kind of man I would marry one day, or the other day she said something about my dad referring to him as her future father in law. I like this girl so much, and I know people say don't rush into things and that you can't feel something this deep this early. The problem is I get so many mixed signals. I feel like she's distancing herself from me, only to then call me handsome or ask to see me. When we text it will take her hours to respond, which I don't care, but I've noticed that she's online doing other stuff on facebook and instagram. We'll talk for a little bit in the evening and all of the sudden she just won't text back. I told her how I felt and we had a long convo about everything. She told me that she really likes me and that she hopes I know that, she said she's likes what we have right now and doesn't want to be responsible right now for somebody elses heart by being in a relationship. She said she doesn't understand how I've stuck around this long with her being so busy. It's just that I don't feel like she's trying all that hard. I've tried lately not to ask her to do anything or text her back as much, trying to give her some space but it seems like she doesn't care either way. I'm just so confused and I don't want to give up on her


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  • My ex did the same exact thing. In my opinion by the things you are saying she is playing with you.


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  • Maybe time or space away might work


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