Girls, would you date a male cheerleader?

I know most of you worry that the girls on squad may be competition and that things may get a sightsee-touchy-feely when having to lift them in the air.
  • Yes, I would. Besides, I'm not worried about Competition.
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  • Yes, I would, but I'd be nervous about the cheerleaders flirting with him.
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  • No, I'm not into guys who are cheerleaders.
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I actually expected C to win


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What Girls Said 3

  • Of course I would.

    • What makes them attractivr besides their looks and personality? His strength?

    • Well, no. I mean sure, strength is attractive I guess, but it's not something that is going to wow me when looking for a guy. I can't really think of what else might make him attractive besides looks and personality on the spot. :/

  • Yes. Totally. Cheerleaders are athletes that have to work as a team or they'll break their bloody necks! That's respectable.
    If he's a good guy and I trust him then it doesn't matter if the females run around nude, he won't touch them because he's a grown man and has his priorities in order and can control himself. He would own his actions and be aware of the consequences. He's not some weak, brainless thing being lead helplessly around by his dong. He's a person with a mind and thougts and feelings. He can make his own choices.

  • Yeah I think is pretty cool

    • Really? How? Cause he'd be strong enough to lift you haha

    • Yes and not afraid to be himself

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