What do I say when he ignores me?

We met about 4 mo. Ago. We use to text and see one another all of the time. Now I can barely get a couple of texts out of him throughout the week. I feel like I've put too much in and now I'm just lingering around for attention, and hoping for things to change. The most frustrating part about it, is that when we do see one another, or when he decides to respond to my texts, things are like they were before, but thats literally only a couple of times out of the month... I'm new to the dating world, and I'm only finding that its exhausting. I don't know what I'm doing and I'm annoyed with where things have gone. It's just getting old and I feel like I'm slowly moving onto not even wanting to be in a relationship with anyone EVER. I talked to a friend about this and he suggested that I sit down and talk to him about it, but I don't even know how to approach the issue. I don't want him to ignore me anymore, and I also don't want to have to give him an ultimatum. I've been waiting so long for things to work out on their own, but I feel like soon, it'll be too late. So what do I do now? How do I actually get the relationship going somewhere?


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  • The best way to gain some attention, is not giving them any attention. Yet, in my opinion- if I were you I wouldn't worry about someone who doesn't even make the effort to communicate with me more often. The lack of interest should be an indicator that maybe that person just isn't the one. Why waste time thinking about one guy who ignores you, when there can be way more who are willing to invest not only time but care?


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  • Ask him to get lost
    If he don't care then why should you?


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