Hi do you think he loves me?

So first of all this guy is 19 y old and we know our selves since we are born évén if we dont see as much now it´s just 3 Times a year actually i dont know why but just by talking i start développing feelings towards this guy and every time he is tring to kinda flirt etc but last year while we were alone we kinda get closer and i knew it since we were watching ourselves in an other way so i watched a movie with him like if i was his girlfriend we cuddled and we kissed more than once and then with passion but after he told me i was like a sister to him and that happened because we were tired i was angry so i décides to ignore him he noticed that so one time he tried to make the conversation and asked me about my future studies because we both would like to work in the medecine department so i knew he was going to study abroad and since i'm younger i told him that i was interest but i was affraid bacause his school réputation is bad but then he tried to tell me all the d'avantages like to convive me and every time he tried to ask me random questions intil he tried to talk me about what happened last year and i told nothing so he asked me why i have been ignoring him for 1 year then the second time we have been together confused me évén more it was a family party do since air familiers are friends we were invited so i tried to ignore him but then he kinda traped me (not real of course) to talk with me because he needded to explain more about what happened so he told me the excuse he used was l'âme and it wasńt real it was only because if we would be a couple it would be first at distance and then a secret because our parents are close then he told me he really likes me he talked ab me to his friends and cousins and he kissed me a lot and with passion he also did cute things like cuddle little kisses forehead kisses and when he smiles at me it´s a love smile he also kissed me before i go the only thing that conf


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  • I think he likes you. I have no idea if what he's feeling is love. Only he knows that


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