Girls, So, I know woman shouldn't be ashamed of their past. Bust lie about it to guys they like or want to date?

So... I've met a couple of girls. I like... them... but I know as men we shouldn't jude or anything... because of how femanism tell us how they be more open about their sexia;otu. But when they tell me or guys they like or wamt to date they lie about their sexual history. I don't get it... I mean you like the guy or want to date him.. you shouldn't be ashame yet lie about the number of sexual partner or things you've done why? It seems like it sets everythign backards. I've read feminisht articles saying things liked "if he can't handle my past, he can't/doesn't desrve my love" yet I know woman who lie through thier teeth... which weekends the whole :we shouldn't be ashamed of our past" argument. I'm dumb founded... don't be ashamed of your past but don't tell a guy who likes you or you desire?
*they be more open about their sexuality
woman who lie through thier teeth... which weakends the whole argument.
I don't get it... I mean... I know when a girl and I have selpt together I can see her thinking what lie to say. But we as men aren't suppose to jude.


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  • How do you know they lie? Anyway, a lot of women are under the impression that if they a guy they have nailed 30, that the guy will be turned off... especially if they haven't had as many.

    The general rule is that if a guy tells you his number subtract 3 because he exaggerates to make himself more desirable and a woman to add 3 since she wants to make herself seem less likely to give herself to anyone.

    The truth that I think should be done is that no one should be ashamed and everyone should be honest. Some women aren't that way again due to the fact that if they really like a guy, they don't want to turn him off.

    • I'm not saying its wrong... it's just getting mixed signals from this site and articles. About woman and their past how well they shouldn't be ashame and we shouldn't care yet they still lie to a guy they like or want to date about their past... it's like a catch 22

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    • I've told her she can tell me anything I wouldn't be ashamed of her. But she still refuses to talk to me about her past. Which makes me feel... like it's just a wall... that I wouldn't ever get past and hiding a part of herself from me.

    • Just take it a step at a time and get to know her better. Don't pressure her. The more she falls for you with time, the more she'll open up.

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