What's his go? Why does he randomly send me selfies?

cliff notes:
Guy wanted to date me.
I had just gotten out of an abusive realtionship so wasn't ready to trust someone fully or let someone in so we agreed to just be friends.
He texts me everyday, sweet good morning texts, pet names etc. etc.
We hung out casually as friends and got to know eachother pretty well
I start to feel better about myself after all my ex put me through and start to trust and care for the new guy.
I tell him how I feel and that I feel emotionally ready for more if that's what he wants.
(He had been persuing/getting to know me for around 7 months)
He tells me he has to go out of town for work (which is true) doesn't know how long he will be gone for or if he's going to relocate
Says we should just remain friends as it will be too hard with us 8 hours away and he doesn't want to hold me back...
I pull back and start to move on.
We still talk someones but nowhere near as much as we used to be.
I stop initiating texts in an effort to help get over him.
He doesn't text as much as he used to and on the odd occassion just sends me random selfies of himself.
I can't figure out why?
He doesn't ask how I'm going and doesn't caption them just random selfies every so often when we haven't spoken in a while.
So what's his go? Why not just say hey?
What's the point of the selfies?
What's could he be hoping to achieve?


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  • Hmm, maybe tell him you were in abusive relationships? It may scare him off, since usually guys don't wanna deal.

    • We initially went on a few dates and he wanted to "date" officially, I didn't give him all the details or vent or cry to him I just told him I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and wasn't ready to jump straight into something new. I needed time to build trust with him.
      Over time I think he pieced 2 and 2 together though...

    • Also any insight into the point of the selfies?

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