Why would you date someone else if you were already dating someone?

For example: say you had previously been seeing someone but decided to call it off, started dating someone else yet still texted the first person telling you that you missed them and wanted to see them. You decide to go somewhere with this person such as the cinema and are all over them, despite seeing someone else at the same time.

Why would you do this?

Because you still have feelings for them?


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  • When I met my wife, I had to ask her out three times before she finally stopped telling me, "No! You already have a girlfriend!"

    I was "in a relationship" with someone else at the time.

    BUT... that relationship was already in the process of slowly winding down, and I was the one who was winding it down. The girl I was "in a relationship" with was older than me, and a parasitic gold-digger. She was actively looking for an idiot she could just lull with sex, get married to, and sit at home while he worked. With all due respect to her, we had incompatible views and aspirations in life (and I couldn't give her what she wanted). So, rather than being a d*ck about it and quickly breaking it off with her, I actually gave two flying sh*ts about her feelings.

    Even when I first met my now wife, I was very tempted to break things off with the other girl I was dating right there and then. But, instead, I risked a potential relationship with someone I actually wanted to be with - just so I could be emotionally considerate to someone I knew I didn't care about.

    Once that other relationship was "wound down," and "dissolved," I was then "free" again to move on to a new relationship - and I did - and five years later, we're now married.

    So, this could happen for a variety of reasons. It all depends on the context and the situation.

    A relationship status is just that - a status. The status just gives very limited information. All the status really describes is that this man is "in some kind of relationship with" another woman. It doesn't really tell you whether two people are having sex. It doesn't really tell you whether she really loves him, or whether he is even still interested in her till this day. All it tells you is that these two people are somehow in some way still associating with each other socially. What you want to do with that information, and what conclusions you want to read into it, are completely up to you.

  • Yes it means that u r not over that person and this can lead to a lot of drama


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