Hugged a shy guy. He hugged back by putting his hand on my lower back. Does he still like me?

I am interested in a guy who is so insanely shy that he has problems being alone or talking to me. He shows his interest by staring at me and watching me play golf. He does weird things like standby my father while watching me hoy golf balls. He laughs at my jokes. Its been very difficult to talk to him and if we do talk he os drunk.

however, he got the nerve to ask me out to drink with his work colleagues and I myself am shy and stupid sometimes so I said no and he took it the wrong way so when I asked him out he was acting like a big jerk.

Then I got drunk and got the nerve to tell him that he was behaving like an ass and I apologised and explained that i really did want to join him and his work colleagues but felt shy myself at the moment. He said he was busy and that he didn't mean to hurt my feelings and then I asked him if it was OK to hug him. I hugged him and he hugged back putting his hand on my lower back.

Am I OK? Has he lost interest? Was I todo forward. He didn't squish hug me he just out his hand on my lower back is that OK. Does it mean he still liked me?


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  • It seems like he likes you.

    I have experience with shy guys myself, they're often not too fond of tight hugs unless they know the person really well.


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  • It's hard to say. He seems so shy that it's difficult to know the motives behind his actions. He could be holding back on his hug because he's mad at you for having hurt him or just because he is so shy that he is not comfortable hugging you. Or maybe he just doesn't know how to do it properly.

    If you are really interested in him, it's going to be a lot of work. Especially since you said no to him. It probably took everything out of him to open up to you and ask you out. Saying no to him probably made him close himself shut like a clam. I think you should be honest with him and explain to him why you said no originally. If he knows that you are shy like he is, he may be willing to meet you in the middle.

    • I explained that I was shy too before asking for the hug.

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    • I think he is OK because when I asked him if I could hug him he said yes and then he estado put his hand on my lower back. He could have not hugged back. But after that I haven't heard from him.

    • Strange. You'd think he'd be interested...

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  • Probably does.


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