Is he into me? Or am I wasting my time?

So I've been talking with this guy for a few weeks now, he is a full time firefighter so he works four days on four days off. 2 days and 2 overnights. He also has a son who he gets on his days off. When I see him or if we hang out it's usually late at night minus our first date was at a normal time. I also have a 2 year old son. Is it normal to only have seen me at 11pm or when we talk on the phone it's late at night to. We slept together once which wasn't planned seeing we had to stop and go to the store for protection. Every time I leave he would call me right back and ask me to come back. I've been burned really bad before and I guess I'm wondering would you stick it out or just walk away? When do I ask him what he would want us to be?
I guess I didn't word it properly, I guess by him not seeing me only late at night because of his schedule makes you wonder what's going on.


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  • It's not very clear from what you have told above, but you seem concerned which I understand you need to wait for some more time at least. If it really concerns you why don't you have a talk with him about this one? communication is the key to successful relationships.


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  • just ask him if he's just playing you or wanting more to happen with you?

    You should be direct about it if not, he will just take advantage of you for sex only.


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  • You should ask him now!


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