How do I approach a girl who is way too good for me?

Recently, I've decided that I want to meet someone new and find someone that I believe is possibly way too good for someone like me. I met this girl who is absolutely beautiful. We've been talking for a while and every chance I get to flirt with her, it gets derailed and almost like she didn't know I was trying to.

I want to know if there is another way that I can get her attention without trying to sound desperate or weird in a way that might put her off.

Like I said, she's way too good for me but I want a chance, you know?


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  • Looks alone doesn't make anyone better, and if they don't have a personality to back it up, their not worth your time. Just make it known you like, and want to date her, otherwise someone else will before you get the chance.


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  • First of all, nobody is "too good" for anyone!
    Love is blind.
    A pretty face and fifty cents will get you a cup of coffee.

  • What makes you think she's too good for you? Is it based on attractiveness alone, or?

    • She's one of the more popular girls, while I'm one of the lesser people who is socially awkward, if that makes sense

    • @Asker

      Ahh I see. Well it's a difficult one really, cause you do know that she's probably gonna have a dozen guys that have already tried the same stuff with her, right? Statistically it's almost impossible that she hasn't. So you could try your luck with her, I wouldn't say she's "too good" for you or anything, but she definitely does live in a different world to you and that can create problems, especially when she's the type of chick that's gonna get a lot of male attention.

      If you want my HONEST opinion? I would... Advise against pursuing anything with her, but that's only because I think it'd be too much hard work. If you're up for that? Then by all means. At that point the only advice I can give you is to try to not let her walk over you in a conversation. You may think she's better than you, but you don't want her realising that's how you feel, you need to tease her a little, say something overt where you know for a fact she could only take it as flirting.

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