Should I give her another chance?

I have met up with this girl out of school once earlier on in the summer day we have been messaging back and forth all summer. I have arranged to meet up with her 4 times before and each time she bailed out of meeting up. The first couple of times she gave me a reason for which I fully understood. The next couple of times she just claimed she was busy but she didn't get back to me till late in the day so I spent most of the day just wondering if she was gonna text me to meet up or not. We continued texting for awhile as she went on holiday and since she's been back we decided to meet up yesturday however I spend all day waiting for a message which doesn't come until the evening she apologised and said she will explain why when we meet next. She said she is free this Friday to meet up however I'm beginning to feel like a complete mug cause I end up wasting the whole day waiting for her to text me and when I know she has bailed on me again I just end up feeling like shit


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  • I think you shouldn't.

    • Should I here out her excuse first?

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