Guys, Why would he message me on fb and then deactivate the same day before I even respond?

Long story short - I broke up with a guy and told him that if he had even the slightest respect for me he would never contact me again - he blocked me and then I noticed through a mutal friend a few months later he unblocked me but still he didn't contact me. He didn't until just recently (8 months later). He messages me on facebook asking me if I'm still in town (I was talking about moving for the longest time). I didn't click on the facebook message so it wouldn't be marked as 'read'. That same evening I decided to check the message anyway just to see if he had said something else when I realized he had deactived his account (I know cause I had a friend check and they couldn't find him either). Why message me and then deactivate. So weird. Explain pls. Was he just embarassed and deactivated regretting messaging me?


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  • Forget about that..

    You tell me why you care so much? You broke up with in after all and looks like you didn't want to talk to him...
    So why?

    • Cause I'm curious damn! If you weren't going to answer my question you shouldn't answer. This is what this site is for to ask questions from a different perspective. Wish this site would exclude idiots from responding.

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    • No I'm not. I was just angry at your response so I decided to be an asshole. I'm a mixed mutt with my Dad being half Indian and half black.

    • Ohh OK..

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