When you move In together are you expected to start having sex?

It's nothing personal by the way, I'm just wondering.
When you move in together do you have to start having sex? because obviously you will have to share the same bathroom and same bed. You will be in close proximity, probably see each other naked and you would crave sex more.

Is it normal to have sex when you move in together? Is it possible to live with your boyfriend and not have sex?
Opinions please😊😊


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  • Usually you're already having sex for awhile at that point. If you aren't then I would assume you're waiting til marriage. So not it's not expected to start but i would assume its already happening at that stage in a relationship


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  • It depends on the dynamic of the relationship. I recall being a virgin and living with an ex with no sex. :) I LOVED being a virgin. The simplicity of virginity was SO refreshing. Virginity also had this way of forcing me to stay focused and prioritize my passions properly as well as not misplacing my passions by becoming obsessed with sex. He respected that and honored my wishes. He never pressured me to sleep with him. Although we also had a two bedroom apartment and just decided to have sleepovers whenever we wanted lol I'm the kind of girl that needs her space and really values her identity outside of a relationship so I needed my own room with my own personal touches as did he. Anyhow, it depends on the relationship dynamic. Some couples are already sexual so it doesn't matter. Other couples will do it just because they feel like they're supposed to because everyone else does. You have to do what's best for you and makes you most comfortable considering what you want to know during your journey. :)


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  • It's unusual to move in with someone you're not already sexually active with. I'm sure it's happened, but it's rare.


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