Is he just busy to text or not into me?

So when I first started talking to this guy conversations were long & in a timely manner (this was only a week ago) we went out on two dates, one after each other! As he asked me out again the day after as he enjoyed my company so much & liked me (his words). Now since then he has gone back to work, spent his free days off with me & stayed up late even though he had work the next day

Now these last 3 days he has taken foreveeeererr to reply! Could be about from 10 mins - 4 hours. He doesn't text me till after he finishes work now & when he does he doesn't really ask much about me. Yesterday he seemed down & was moaning a bit about work & how he was really tired, however that being said when he woke up late last night and couldn't get back to sleep he sent me a random message (think he was still half asleep) saying how he couldn't sleep & how he hopes that he hadn't woken me up & that hopefully I was asleep.

Which I thought was cute. He has always responded to messages and I can't really be one to judge as Saturday I was busy and took a while to message him back. Is he just really busy & stressed out? If so how can I help?


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  • Yes, he really seems to be busy and stressed out and I think that's the reason he has taking some time to reply. Just ensure that you are there for him when he needs you.


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