How to get a guy to miss you and want you more?

I like this guy and he likes me but I know that I definitely like him more. I have to message him back straight away or speak to him constantly and when I'm not I feel really empty and sad. I'm getting better at not being so obsessive but he can take up to 6 hours to reply when he's out or sometimes ignore me when he's too tired, it's late and he wants to sleep, which is fair enough but I would not be able to do it myself. I just need someone to write a list on how I can make him want me. Because at the moment he wants me but doesn't crave me. Any ideas?


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  • You can't if you think you can you're guaranteed to fail. You can try lessening your communication and if he already has strong enough feelings he may reach out to you, but anything he feels is on his own not because you've drawn it out of him.


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