I don't know if he likes me but he has a gf?

I was in a hot tub at my friends house and we were rlly Close and we started to hold my hand like for ages, a few days later I was back at my friends house he put his arm around me but he has a girlfriend.
But I like him


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  • Tell him to stop doing those things if it's making you uncomfortable. If you're enjoying it because you like this guy then maybe you should stay away from him. Having feelings for someone is not a license to violate someone else's relationship. If he doesn't want to keep the distance, then you should.

    • But he's the one putting his arm around me and hugs me when I see him and I like him

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    • I know but he's really not like that but maybe I am putting myself in a situation that will make my heart brake x

    • More than likely it will. A lot of times when we like someone we look over their flaws. You sound like a really sweet girl and you seem really young, you need to protect your heart sweetie. Your feelings are a beautiful thing don't let the wrong guy take advantage.

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