I NEED HELP!! I FEEL SO LOST AND ALONE! Any GUYS know what his deal is?

Im almost 18 weeks pregnant and I've been trying to get back with my ex aka baby daddy. I've tried so hard and I just dont know what to do anymore. Im not from where is is from, so I told him Im gonna move back home, cause I have no family here, no friends, and no support group, I live in Indiana now but am from california, it is the hardest decison to make, but I just can't. He told me he cares about me, wants to be involved with the baby, and willing to do whatever, but he said when it comes to us, he has moved on. It just one big mess, everybody on his side, family, friends, coworkers all hate me and think im being selfish, I've had to take down my facebook cause of all the drama. I just dont know why he wouldn't try to work things out with me, when I asked if he still loved me, he said he doesn't know what love is. Im just so alone, lost, confused, and going through this pregnancy by myself, and it sucks.


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  • First of all breathe. Take things slower. You can't force him to fall in love with you. Pressuring him about it would only make him more distant to you. Just let him think and be supportive if you truly care about him. It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants when he said he didn't know what love is so all you can do is just be a friend to him for now and MAYBE somewhere in the future there is something for you two. Just focus on your life and being pregnant for now and know that there is a tomorrow and the worst thing that is happening is what you are doing to yourself mentally right now.


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  • You are not alone we are here for you spiritually and emotionally. Unfortunantly I seen your case hundreds of times. cousins friends best friends went through this. I myself didn't move out to live with a NOW ex boyfriend because my UNCLE said this exact thing (your story you just told us) But now in your case... I hope your family lets you back in because thats the best bet for yourself and your babies safety! He may not let you leave once he really sees that you have a back bone and won't let down! DONT LET HIM DO THAT!!! You be horrible your happiness and well being is now ALL for your baby! So put your child in an environment where he/she and their mother will be safe not what anyone else thinks!!

    • Im telling you to go have your own space because it is not fair that you have to go through this stress alone.. its not healthy for you and the child. All you will do is stress over him not loving you. its best to go take some times away with family and or just stay and give him space...

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  • It's alright, just let your nerves calm a bit. You want to move to the opposite end of the country, your ex doesn't. You have to be prepared for everything that comes with that situation.

    You don't need to be with him just because he's the father. Hold off on any new plans or changes til the baby is here and you have some means to make drastic decisions.

  • The law says that if he doesn't want to be with you, he doesn't have to be, but that if you want hold support, he has to until the baby is 18. If he doesn't want to be with you, respect that!


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