Which person would you choose?

Both people are attracted to you and you like both of them. One person you've had conversations with and have some things in common. You ask about schoolwork and homework with them and youve talked to them more than the other person. You feel a connection but you're not really sexually attracted to them.

The second person you haven't really talked to that much, but you feel a connection with them. You are more sexually attracted to this person than person one. You want to get to know this person more and you do have things in common with eachother.

Who would you choose?
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  • 2nd person. Doesn't sound that bad and sexual attraction is important af when it comes to dating. 1st one sounds more like a friend.


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  • I think physical and sexual attraction are important, otherwise it just feels like a friendship, and I wouldn't want to date someone that im not attracted to in that way so I suppose I would choose person 2.

  • I'd get to know the second person better then make a decision


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