Why Did She Call Me That?

My girlfriend and I were walking down the street, her arms entangled in mine. Suddenly this stranger appears and she runs up and hugs him! I was genuinely trying really hard not to glare at him, but I was doing it anyway. But where this all falls in is when she introduced me, not only did she fail to say I'm with her (not even hint at it and seemed to be even hiding it) But she went as far as to introduce me by my last name! Even worse she stuttered like "Oh uh, this is m-, this is uh, ___" and then threw me out of the convo. She has never really been the lovey-dovey type at all, but last name? The thing is we have a long-distance relationship. So I'm hoping she's just trying to start new and didn't want to just blurt out she has a lover. So maybe the conversation just hasn't come up yet? So I thought later I would introduce her as my ladylove just to see what she'd do. She didn't react badly to it but it seemed to really stun her. Do you think maybe she just has a bad past in attachments? I'm going to ask her I was just wondering what you all thought. (or is she playing me?) Sorry I'm just a little worried since the distance is new.


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  • Maybe she's not sure if you guys are using a label yet, or she just hasn't told this guy about you yet and didn't want to make it awkward.


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  • I wouldn't be asking that here, I would have broken up with her already.


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