Hey girls, what do you think about boys who are in dating sites?

I am a lonely person and perhaps that fact made me join tinder. I have matched handsome and cute male (maybe I am not that ugly person i see every day in the mirror). And I have got dates with some of these men, but I haven't found anybody who looks for a serious thing like me. My luck is just guys wanting fun (drinks and sex, maybe). It's ok, some of them have become my friends, but I haven't agreed sex with anybody, is not the way I am.

Your experience?
  • I have found more boys who wants love and romance and a relationship
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  • I have found more boys who wants to fuck
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  • I have found friends
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I am on dating sites but I suppose based on a lot of the chatter about them I am an exception. I am looking for the real thing. However i have found that most men just want to get layed, and women want some strapping man or a sugar daddy to take care of them.
    PS: Tinder is almost just for sex, try POF or Match. POF is free + a payed membership gets you some more availability but Match is pay as you go.
    Good luck on finding love.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's almost never for romance - based on research and all the things you read online.


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  • I think it's plain stupid to be on that sites,

    girls are only boosting their EGO, don't boost girls ego, NEVER!

    • but i am woman, im not boosing girls ego.

    • no men are boosting girls ego by messaging them.

      99,9% men are just thirsty idiots.

    • oh, now i get it.

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