Why can't I get a girlfriend?

I'm a 17 year old guy and a Junior in high school, I'm a good looking guy and a lot of girls look at me and smile and seem attracted to me and I've had a few tell me I'm cute. I'm 5'8 and 147 pounds, and I have a slightly muscular build.

I sort of had a girl I liked last year, but it never went anywhere and we never even kissed or officially went out.

Its just really painful and hard to see all of my friends having girlfriends and having so much fun together, and they have all had their first kiss, and I have never kissed a girl in my life...

And the homecoming dance is coming up and I have no one to ask.. And all of my friends are going which sucks. I haven't really talked or flirted with girls at all this year and I dont feel very confident approaching them for some reason.

Im just really tired of everyone seeming to get in relationships so easily... What can I do?


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  • You will be better off doing nothin and it will only get worse but never get better.


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