My boyfriend doesn't do the stuff he used to do for his ex girlfriend, but I kind of want those things?

Hey so before dating my boyfriend and I were friends and I remember conversations about random stuff involving his ex 's like changing the privacy of his fb folders that he has with his ex so that no one could see it after they broke up. And he used to ask me got advice on stuff like what flowers he should get for his then girlfriend. Anyhow we are now dating, but he has never bought me flowers, he doesn't upload photos of us, he never holds my hand, we hardly take cute couple photos. I guess he is over all of that. He does a lot for me, I have some expensive gifts that he got me and so on, but it's my first relationship so I actually want all those things like holding hands, taking silly couple photos etc. I'm 20 he is 28 and I feel like I'm just missing out on the simple relationship things, but I at the same time don't want to nag him about the little things?


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  • Tell him what you need from him. It isn't nagging


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