I just dont know?

okay so my friend his in a band and he's kinda famous but anyhow... i was telling him about my crush and i showed him what he was saying to me... n this guy in the band my friends think he might like me... but the guy from the band told me that the guy im crushing on has no intrest on what he has to say to me... but in my eyes i see a whole differnt end like yeah i fell like this crush of mine isn't quite interseted but most of the time we have a good flowing converstation... and the guy from the band has kind of put me off my crush... so can someone tell me is this guy from the band trying to get me to like him instead of my crush ?


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  • It's certainly a possibility,

    Assuming I read that right, there was a lot of not-English in there.


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  • This is just a pathetic crush. Someone in a band is not interested in someone like you, unless you are famous or extra special, your just keeping your hopes up. This is just a pathetic crush.

    • lol props hahahahaahhaa thanks

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    • this person is obviously pathetic herself , if you saw our messages to each other you would think there is somthing going on inbetween us , and i have had multipul people tell me he wants somthing more , i have got his snapchat facebook and much more personally i think this guy is having crush ,,,, lol pathtic b**ch

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