How do you choose between 2 guys when they are brothers?

I found out that my friends that are twins both like me and I have liked them for a wile to. One of them got up the guts and asked me out and I said yes. Now when ever I'm over at his house I see his brother and kind of wish that he would have asked me out first. PS the bro told me that he still likes me and if I ever want to brake up with his brother that he is still there. What should I do?


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  • They are twins?!

    Try both and then pick the best one for you ;)

    If they find out say you got confused bla bla bla lol

    Have fun*


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  • i would actually stay away from brothers. friends even I think are tricky, but brothers... especially twins..

    plus you would really hurt the one you're with now. in fact, I think you should break up with him. you obviously like his brother more, and it's not fair to him considering you clearly want to be with the brother. I suggest talking to them both and telling them that you have feelings for both and it's really hard to sort them out and the last thing you want to happen is for anyone to get hurt. I think you should take a break from the one you're with "to clear your head" and tell them both that for a while you can't be with either. then give it at least 3 months, and if the one you're interested in now, is still the one you want, and he's still interested, perhaps go for it. talk to the one you broke up with about it and see how he reacts. if he has a very negative reaction, you might want to not start anything up. he'll obviously not be thrilled, but if he doesn't take it too badly, then go for it. just try to avoid spending time with the other one while he is around so as to not try to rub it in, but don't act awkward when he IS there, or too snuggly, etc., because it will be hurtful.