What Can I do About this?

I honestly think I was meant to be alone. No girl has ever wanted to date or even talk to me, I'm ugly and an unlovable person with social anxiety. 24 and I've never had a girlfriend or been romantic with a woman. I guess its a part of natural selection. It hurts to know I'm going to be single forever, but I get it. I'm just not good enough genetically to carry on. I'm not mad or bitter, just realistic. My question is what can I do to avoid thinking about this fact and move on with my life, It obviously creeps up in my thoughts sometimes but I just want to forget about that aspect of my life


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  • I think you look like an attractive black dude in that picture. You are definitely better than average there, unless the angle and the lightning somehow made you look way better than you actually are. Anyway, i don't think your looks are something that you should worry about because i see ugly people dating, enjoying their lives and marrying each other everyday. As you get older, women become more desperate and opportunities open up to you more and if you are that desperate, you will probably end up with someone such as you. The real issue here, is your personality and just by reading your post, i can see why it's not working for you.


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