Girls, Do you feel disrespected or like when your man is memorized by the way your dressed?

Say your going out with your man to a bar or social gathering and the second your man sees you In a tight dress or crop top showing some stomach his jaw drops or his eyes open wide. Would you be offended that he is lusting you of like the fact that he will have trouble keeping his hands off you? My ex was awlays uncomfortable with the thought she turned me on but when I hear how my female friends talk about how they love seeing a guy check them out its contradicting to me. I never understood why my ex wouldn't want to know she turned me on if we were in committed relationship and I'm confused.
Memorized already a typo sorry lol.


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  • I would like it. It would assure me he is attracted to me. I can understand she might be uncomfortable with you not being able to keep your hands to yourself in public. I would see it as a good sign, unless they are pressuring me into something, because I look good that night.

    • Well i I kept my hands off her but she knew by the way I looked at her i would want to have sex later and we usually did. I don't know if she felt I comfortable with he thought of feeling like an object even though she wasn't she was my girlfriend.

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    • Thank you! :)

    • Thanks for HMO, Glad I could help out!

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  • well, i'm just like your ex, i like it when i get somebody horny, but i don't like it when they start touching me or doing anything sexual, i guess we feel used?

    • Well I didn't touch her inappropriately I kept my hands off but she knew the look I had when I was turned on and I can't hide my eyes so she didn't like that aparantly. We had sex after the night was over but I never grabbed her.

    • maybe‚Ķ well this is my story, she didn't have an orgasm, but you did cum, so she felt used, and maybe she thought that you were just using her

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