How should I get this girl in my class to come study with me?

I don't know how to break it at this point. The guys in my college class are all 18 years old and act like children. I bite my tongue a lot and just don't say much at all in that class. Even comment I say or a little laugh she looks at me really attentively. When I talk.. it doesn't matter what she is doing she listens. I can tell she attracted. How should I break off the seriousness. I was thinking a little playful banter. I'd like to run a good set on her by the end of the semester and pull her in for some casual hookups. Live 5 minutes from campus. Was thinking I could get her to study with me one day and I'd make my move then.


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  • Oh that's easy. I already formulated a plan for you in the time frame if took me to read your post.

    So you don't fuck up: Make sure she doesn't already have plans.

    A week or two before the midterm or final, just casually ask if she wants to study for half an hour or so together *before* class, on the day of the exam. I would suggest actually studying and helping each other ace that shit because school is important and you shouldn't fuck up class trying to fuck a girl. Go to class together after the study sesh, on the way to class, ask her if she wants to grab something to drink; something along the lines of, "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to get some coffee (doesn't have to be coffee) after the exam." be casual, be comfortable. Go to class, slay that exam, then go get drinks with her afterwards (PAY FOR HER DRINK) and hang out. You guys should talk over drinks. If she's open, maybe you'll find out things? *wink*

    Be patient. Just casually hang out this one time. Try to nonchalantly and sneakily talk to her about dirtier things/find out if she's open to hook up or not. But watch the way you do it, because you don't want to seem like a creep or come off as an asshole who just wants pussy. If you don't make the move that time, next time you have class, ask if she wants to hang out afterwards. (It's always less awkward to "do something after class" because you're already together in one place instead of awkwardly meeting somewhere since she barely knows you.)

    Reminder: Be smooth like butter.


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  • Tell her "do you know why they call me fearless banana?" then whip out your cock and show her.


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  • Make conversation with the girl


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