Girls, GIRLS - Would you consider dating me (poll) ?

I'm a skinny guy and to be perfectly honest, I'm weaker than even many girls. I'm 185cm (6 foot 1) but I only weigh 155 pounds!

They say girls only like guys who are stronger than them... which is bad news for me... right? Please clear things up for me!
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Well apparently, 36% of girls are stronger than me. Sounds about right.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Who cares about that... of course I'd date a guy like that, it's impossible to be weaker than me tbh.


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  • No matter what girls say, they are weaker, unless they are some body builder. I for one, like skinny guys, so don't worry too much!

    • No I swear some girls are much heavier and tougher than me. Maybe they just seem like they are...

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    • Shucks ;). I did make this account at a time when I was very confused. Since then I have been enlightened haha.

    • I guess there's hope for everyone :P

  • I dont mind dating a guy weaker than me. Im a strong girl who can beat any guy up 😛

    • haha, well what would you say to confusedgirl239 ?

    • Psshhh fuck that. I can make a guy weak to their knees in one kick :))

    • hahaha...

      owww :'(

  • Actually you are more stronger than many girls, and your not skinny lol

    • Yeah you're right... but most girls who are 5'9 and above are stronger than me.

      Thanks :)

    • Your welcome

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