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What do girls want to see on an online dating profile. Like what makes you want to talk to a guy based on his profile. How do i stand out? Also what are good conversation starters? Ones that are better than the good ole " Hey how are you?" and still more respectable than the "wanna f**k"


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  • I would prefer mysetery. It would have to be all in your words and the way you interact with me. But a huge thing for me is music. I'm beginning to think it may even be a deal breaker. Just sum it up. Maybe make mention of a little bit of what you like in bed, because let's face it, sex is probably on everyone's mind


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  • Like Any Human person, Guy Or girl here, dear, a person would like to See who they are Speaking to...
    Pictures can speak Louder than words and it is always nice for spice to have a Pix to go with a voice that I put with that face when I am talking to someone New... Like You for example...
    "I like your pictures, very nice" is a ways a good opener for me when someone approaches me for the first time online. I get tired of "Hi, sexy" or "Hi, beautiful," and something snazzy is always good for something different, Along with the polite "Hi, how are you?"
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks, sweetie, for this Upvote and best of luck. xxoo

  • Well you could start by making your profile more interesting. Don’t give out too much detail, because that would bore your visitor, but also don’t write too little, like one short sentence, because that would make you look stingy with your words, maybe even lazy. A good profile picture is also a plus. I’ve seen some pictures with people doing various activities, like climbing a rocky wall, being on a motorcycle, playing with their pet. These pictures drew my attention, because it was something fresh and spunky, something spontaneous. As for starting conversations, you could always check the girl’s profile out, see what she likes, and use that in your advantage. Let that movie she saw or book she read be the ice breaker. This would also show her that you took your time and actually read her profile. Also be charming and polite. Try to know her before you start to flirt or ask for her number/skype/kik, etc.


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