What's he's problem with me?

This guy acts like he likes me and I like him but he has a girlfriend he is always looking at me and he is always around when I talk to guys he's always around and by me keeping an eye on me he has try to talk to me but I avoid him at all cost since he has a girlfriend I have asked people who know him and they all say he's a great guy I have never given him the impression I'm easy and he respects me and he's sweet and very nice to me but I'm worry he may make me an indecent proposal because that would make me feel dirty and cheap but he doesn't treat me like it so I'm puzzled because I never dated before.


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  • That Simply doesn't mean that you Can't talk to him. You never know if he just wanna be a friend to you.

    • I doubt it you don't act like jealous boyfriend when you are trying to friend someone.

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    • So don't talk to him live your own life and let him go to hell.

    • I will and I'm trying to he's been out for a week :)
      My friend stared bugging me right in front of hesy friends that I had a boyfriend and now he's friend is cold to me when he was very friendly.

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  • Maybe you are over thinking this a little. Maybe he is a genuinely nice guy who tried to be on his best behavior with everybody, including you. Did he give you other signs that showed he’s romantically interested in you, other than keeping an eye on you? Because that isn’t really much. A person could stare at another person just because they like a certain trait, or they could be off to lala land, dreaming with their eyes open and not realizing they are actually staring at somebody. If he is the great guy everybody says he is and if he is interested in you, then he would break it off with his girlfriend and start pursuing you instead. I suggest you keep things cool, be nice with him and keep you options open. You can’t wait forever for a person who might not even show up.

    • He's always around me and by me ad he always tries to get my attention and when I'm not looking he still looks at me.

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    • Well this time you are the one asking the questions.

    • He did introduce himself to me before and he's introvert.

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